How Café’s Have Embraced Technology

When you think about café’s you don’t only think about a cup of coffee because they have become a spot for you to get caught up on your work without rushing you to finish your meal. At one point café’s didn’t embrace the idea of a free Wi-Fi connection and other technologies within their location however once the benefits stared to outweigh the disadvantages they decided that it wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. For example, other than increasing sales, you’re probably wondering what else does having free internet and advanced computer systems do for cafés and restaurant owner’s right. Well, here are a few reasons that are probably not that obvious but definitely help.


Many business owners that offer free Wi-Fi have used this as a marketing force adding it to marketing materials to attract customers. This adds to computer and local laptop repairs expenses Over 65% of the mobile market is dominated by smart-phones so why not take advantage of a fetish that people have which is using their phone everywhere they go. It’s come to a point that when people have work or need to send an email or have a computer repairs or mac repairs. Smart phones have made people very impatient and offering customers a free connection to get work done acts as only a bonus. Café’s have basically embraced technology by using it as a promotional tool attracting customers to their location.

Many café’s have automated their ordering process by using a system which makes things move efficiently. Many places that have huge line-ups can cause confusion when orders are placed by causing mix ups and other fumbles, however having an automated system can help keep track of orders placed while streamlining the process for employees. With an automated system in place they can now focus more of their attention on customer retention and satisfaction.

With advancements in technology have come safe cafés and restaurants due to better surveillance and security systems. Many business owners are able to protect their businesses by having state of the art systems in place overnight. When you have restaurants that are safe, you have customers that are willing to spend more time within the location. This all works towards a great marketing campaign when you highlight that you’re café or restaurant is one of the safest placed to have a coffee while doing work.

In short, if you are wondering what the combined advantages of embracing new technology is, than it’s very simple because you have people that can do work and get caught up on emails while making sure that their order is delivered error free. They can enjoy a meal within a safe environment focusing more on their work and less on their safety. Many parents have addressed how this has leverage towards allowing their children to work in café’s till late in the evening. They feel that these environments are safe and have a bunch of people which contributes to human interaction.


 Day Trading Tips For Beginners in a cafe-why not you ask??

Day trading is frequently thought as the easy path to path of gold. But, in reality, this is not always the case. The SEC send out a warning to public that day traders generally suffer from great financial losses in their first few months of trading and many of them did not make it to status of profit-gainers. For new day traders, learning it is like taming a lion except you are investing a lot of money.

If you are a novice, then you should learn the game of day traders first from an experienced and active trading expert. If you have a good coach, you can have hands on experience on how to become the winner on your own stock day trading. If you don’t want to lose or put a stop from losing, then you have to learn how to consistently win and earn profit.

day trading cafe

Study and understand the movements of stock markets. Those who do not have knowledge about day trading are also lacking knowledge on how to use stock indexes in measuring total performance of stock markets that can always affect trade prices that you are involve. Like all the ships at the ocean, all stocks are floating up to a point that they are affected by stock index behaviors.
You should have sufficient risk capital. Your investment should not be the money you need to pay your monthly bills or you have committed to another business or investment. Your capital should only be meant for this trading. Since day trades happen in Broker/Dealers who are registered to NYSE or NASDAQ, it is required to maintain $25,000 in equity in your account on any day that day trading happens. It is the minimum amount for margin trading.
Purchase the suitable software, computer equipment and Internet services for your online trading. It is a must to have high speed connection. You also need specialized trading software and several analysis and real time research tools. Be prepared to pay a lot of money for these things before you can start trading. It is a must that you configure your system for optimal speed, efficiency and latency. This is how your trading coach can be of big helping hand.
Planning ahead is a proven effective method to succeed as a day trader. All successful traders create a plan and they stick to it. Create a plan with your trading coach and you are surely going to be a winner. However, your trading strategies are more important than the plan you’ve come up with. Remember that trading is a very interactive game and in real time so it needs a special set of qualities for the trader and his rules to be a big winner for the day. Using traditional business rules can quickly kill you from the game.
An important skill of a day trader is to have a sharp eye to market movements. Learn and enjoy watching and guarding movements from pre to post-markets. Learn to know which are rumors and true so you won’t fall prey to losing money.
Remember, once you earn from day trading, make sure that you save them. As much as possible leave your profit in your account and do not use it. Trading is like gambling. So, do not put in all your profit back into risky trades.